Judaism through Art


Since modern times Jewish artistry has produced exquisite ritual ornaments. Moreover, as the Jewish people spread across the western world, contact with Christian art led to greater tolerance of human representation. Judaic art thus displays a great diversity. Yet two groups and styles can be distinguished — the Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe and the Sephardi or ‘Moorish’ originating from Spain.

By studying the 30 images in this 63 page pdf document, students can become familiar with the historic background within which the religion has evolved.

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PART 1 — Some history in the Torah
The Creation
The Tower of Babel
Abraham and the Covenant
Jacob and Esau
Joseph and Moses
The ten plagues of Egypt
The drowning of the Pharoah
Gods laws revealed on Mt. Sinai
David and Goliath
The reign of King Solomon
Babylon and Belshazzar’s feast
Second Temple is destroyed
The last defence at Masada
The Holy City of Jerusalem

PART 2 — Synagogue and Sabbath
The Menorah
Functions of the synagogue
The Ark and the Mantles
Studying the Torah
The Sabbath
Spice Box and Mizrach
The Ten Commandments

PART 3 — Annual religious cycle
Rosh Hashanah, the New Year
Yom Kipper, Day of Atonement
Sukkot, feast of the Tabernacles
Purim, the tribute to Esther
The Haggadah, the Passover and the Seder meal
Festivals of trees and flowers
The Jewish religious calendar

PART 4 — Judaism in Britain

MAP of the Jewish dispersions

PART 5 — Teaching and Classroom Activities

Light and colour (Goethe’s Theory)…, J.M.W. Turner
The Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel
Scenes from the life of Isaac, Benjamin Senior Godines
The Reconciliation of Jacob and Esau, Peter Paul Rubens
Jacob’s Funeral, Jewish Folk Print
The Finding of Moses, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Design for the Seventh Plague of Egypt, John Martin
The Drowning of the Pharaoh in the Red Sea, Damaris Pearce
Moses on Mount Sinai…Worship of the Golden Calf
David and Goliath, Jewish Folk Print
The Judgement of King Solomon
Belshazzar’s Feast, Rembrandt Van Rijn
Menorah Window
Interior of Bevis Marks Synagogue
The Bodleian Bowl
Three Mantles for a Torah scroll
Torah in Tik (scroll case)
Laver, or basin
Spice boxes
Machzor (Festival Prayer Book)
The Day of Atonement, Jacob Kramer
Meal during the Feast of the Tabernacles, Jeremias Wachsmuth
Scroll of Esther
Haggadah, Joseph of Leipnik
Sabbath candlesticks
Seder Meal, Jewish folk print
Small flag for Rejoicing of the Law, coloured lithograph
Jewish Amulet to protect a woman and her newly-born son
(My) Wedding, Malcah Zeldis

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