Art of the Americas


When the New World was ‘discovered’ in 1492, there existed throughout the Americas — from the Arctic to Cape Horn — cultures and societies evolved over thousands of years. It is estimated that in the 15th century perhaps 100 million people occupied this vast long continent, whose unifying physical feature is the mountain chain stretching from Alaska through the Rockies of the Mid-West and Sierras of Mexico to the Andes of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile.
These peoples created art and artefacts as diverse as the environments in which they lived. Contact with Europeans soon tragically led, however (with few exceptions), to their decimation — through disease and conquest — and to the disappearance of their cultures.
While it is impossible to generalise about the style, function and technique of the art of each region, for the sake of clarity the images are divided into three geographical areas — North America, Central America and South America. See preview

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