Artificial Light


In painting, the word light can refer to natural light, man-made light, and how light is portrayed in pictures. These images show paintings of artificially-lit scenes, and of artificial light itself. The notes and exercises examine how painters handle both subjects.
Since the Renaissance, artificial light has ‘lit up’ paintings. Old masters such as Rembrandt used candlelight and lanterns, and the Victorians had gaslight.
Electricity produced ever brighter and increasingly varied forms of illumination. Since the 20th century artists have been able to exploit coloured, neon, strip, spot and moving light. Nowadays, too, there are laser beams. And artists can make use of sudden light — like a shot from a flash-gun — to reveal figures surprised in some action.

The 30 images and 41 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject. See list of contents

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