Sewn, Pieced & Embroidered Textiles


Today people who use needles, scissors, threads and fabrics draw in many ways on historical and cultural sources for subject matter and techniques. Professional makers are likely to have studied art, craft or design at degree level and been encouraged to develop their own expressive synthesis of patchwork, quilting, appliqué and embroidery traditions.

This approach also influences domestic and amateur trends. All kinds of fibres and fabrics and other non-textile based materials — for example new and recycled paper, plastic, leather and metal — provide background material to sew on or are used to sew with.

These notes suggest ways in which students’ practical work can be developed in response to their understanding of how and why sewn, pieced and embroidered textiles have been created and used. See preview

The 25 images and 38 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

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