Surrealism & Dada


If these pictures made people jump — or gave them an uneasy feeling — then Surrealist painters were satisfied: they had jogged viewers into a ‘crisis of consciousness’. Their ideas challenged all art practices, and their influence has never wained.
Dada was invented in Zurich in 1915 where some young pacifists proposed that everything in the world was ‘bunk’, including art. These early conceptualists staged wild, nihilistic ‘happenings’ that quickly spread elsewhere.
In 1924 Surrealism was launched in Paris with a manifesto: the poet André Breton’s revolutionary message was that ‘rationalism’ was no longer a valid way of thinking or means of expression and had led to World War I. He reasoned that the imagination and the irrational — dreams, the subconscious mind, automatism — were neglected creative forces. See preview

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